County Quest

A B&B experience with dragons, dungeons and epic adventure.

A little D&D with your B&B. Explore a fantasy setting inspired by historical events and places of Prince Edward County. Whether you are new to Dungeons and Dragons or have a lifelong love of table top roleplaying games, our D&D B&B vacation package is the perfect way to explore this fabulous game.

County Quest can be booked for groups of 4-6 guests, ages 12+.

Your D&D B&B Package includes:

  • Approximately 10 hours of gameplay (Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition) led by our resident dungeon master
  • Two full breakfasts
  • Snacks and baked goods during play
  • Breaks for exploring the dining and shops of downtown Picton, Ontario

County Quest Package: $350 per group, in addition to 2-night room stay + HST only

2024 Adventure: The Myrefall Vortex

Your ship rolls hard to port as a giant wave crashes across the deck. The vessel groans in protest as the salt spray stings your eyes. As you race to assist the crew to secure the ship, you wonder if you’ll ever make it to the safety of Stormpeak alive. 

Having booked passage on the merchant vessel, The Halcyon’s Charm, you are bound for the port town of Stormpeak on the Isle of Oth Ail’hoen, epicentre of recent rash of magical anomalies capturing the curiosity of nations near and far.

Inspired by Lake Ontario’s very real Marysburg Vortex, The Myrefall Vortex is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition adventure for first level characters, created by Jeremy Smith and Chris Darroch.